Property taxes and assessments vary greatly from market to market. Duggan Property Services takes the guesswork out of property taxes, so you can save more time and money.

Good corporate citizenship does not require paying more taxes than your fair share. If you own or manage apartments, shopping centers, office buildings, senior living facilities, or any type of commercial property, you need to be aware that property tax assessments are highly subjective and must be monitored and challenged regularly.

We will review your assessments, recommend the necessary course of action, and execute to minimize your annual property taxes. Our success rate is outstanding, and results are guaranteed. We charge a percentage of savings, but if we can't reduce your property taxes then our services are free.

We pursue an aggressive program of minimizing our clients' property tax obligation within the constraints of good corporate citizenship and applicable legal statutes. 


Through our experience with thousands of assignments across the country, our expertise in the real estate industry, and our association with appraisers, attorneys, realtors, and affiliated tax consultants, we are able to provide complete property tax strategies for our clients. 

We guarantee a savings or our service is free.

Our Services

Property Portfolio Tax Assessment

We provide a clear format for clients to easily identify property tax obligations. We will prepare a schedule of parcels owned with their individual assessed values and each property tax liability.

Property Tax Appeals

We determine if your property is over assessed and subsequently 

negotiate a lower assessment with the proper taxing authority. If this informal process does not produce a fair and reasonable value, we will file a formal appeal with the assessor. We will then present cases before the review board and may additionally employ appraisers or attorneys to bolster your case during the process.

Property Tax Estimates

Based on our experience and market research, we provide property tax estimates for property acquisitions and new construction. This service prepares our clients and improves their financial planning and decision making.

Tax Bill Administration

We can take receipt of your property tax bills and proactively assess your portfolio to monitor property tax reassessments. We can also file business personal property tax returns on your behalf.

Let us be your property tax department.