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Unrivaled Property Tax Management

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We are a client-centric, nationwide consulting firm that manages the property tax burden for commercial property owners.

Good corporate citizenship does not require paying more taxes than your fair share. If you own or manage commercial property, you need to be aware that property tax assessments are highly subjective and must be monitored and challenged regularly.

We will review your assessments, recommend the necessary course of action, and correct your annual property taxes. We typically work on a contingency basis. If we find your property tax assessments to be fair, there is rarely any fee required. 

We pursue a thoughtful program of auditing and work within the constraints of good corporate citizenship and applicable legal statutes. 


With our success on thousands of assignments across the country and association with appraisers, attorneys, and brokers, we are able to provide comprehensive and effective property tax strategies for our clients.


Years of Success


Active States


Jurisdictions Covered



Property Tax Appeals

When your property is overvalued by the tax assessor, we will file an appeal and manage the entire process on your behalf. We will work tirelessly on the appeal until the fair value is achieved.


Property Tax Estimates

Using our experience and market research, we provide actionable and reliable property tax estimates for property acquisitions, new construction, and annual forecasts for accruals.


Tax Bill Administration

We can take receipt of your property tax notices and bills and proactively assess your portfolio and ensure timely payment.


Personal Property Filings

We file hundreds of personal property returns each year and handle periodic audits. We have discovered and realized thousands in savings for our clients.

Let us be your property tax department.

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